Our Quality Policy

To communicate effectively by understanding the needs and expectations of customers, employees and interested parties,

To provide and increase customer satisfaction by meeting our expectations fully and on time by determining the needs and needs of our customers correctly with our innovative, experienced, trained, competent and expert staff in our fields, by using our know-how,

To take care of the customer ownership and to realize the process from the determination of the needs of the customers to the receipt and delivery of the project in a way that meets the expectations of the customers, legal requirements and international standards,

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and ensuring its continuity by effectively evaluating suggestions and complaints from customers with the principle of customer orientation,

To provide quality service focused on customer satisfaction by fulfilling the legal conditions, legislation and contract conditions,
To increase our skills and quality awareness with the principle of continuous education.
To provide healthy and safe environments for our employees within the scope of OHS and to conduct effective Risk & Opportunity management,
To create projects that comply with international standards and regulations in every work we do,

Continuously review the quality policy to ensure that it complies with the objectives of their company
To constantly improve the goals it has established in line with the quality policy,

To create the power of the company, which has opened its domestic reputation and recognition abroad, to international markets, to compete in different conditions and environments without sacrificing quality,
To establish good relations with our suppliers and subcontractors based on solid foundations,

To give importance to regulatory and remedial activities, taking into account all kinds of risks and opportunities with a proactive approach to maintain the effectiveness of the system,

By using all the resources required for our Quality Management System, taking the ISO 9001 international standard as a reference, spreading the quality awareness with the participation of all our staff and their leadership in their own responsibility areas, increasing their knowledge and skills with the necessary trainings, adopting the principle of teamwork, so that they can participate in the “Continuous Improvement” and “Continuous Improvement” process. is to make them contribute